If you have a home in a historic area, you may want to stick with the architectural designs of your neighborhood. Some historic homes may have not originally had a garage, but this is something that you may want for a modern home. It can also be difficult to get a door that matches the design of your home, but there are some things you can do, like having a door custom made, using stained wood materials and adding details that match other nearby homes. If you want your garage door to have more of an historic look, here are four things that you can do:

1. False Hardware And Design For A Historic Appearance

One way you can get an historic look for your garage door is by installing false hardware on it. This can be things like door handles, hinges and decorative iron pieces. These things can make your garage door appear to be an older style, but still function like a modern garage door with a modern garage door opener. You can also have extra windows added to the panels to make it have more of an historical look with more windows.

2. Swinging Garage Door With Actuating Opening System

There are also garage doors that can be installed with horizontal openers, which will allow them to have more of a traditional swinging door design. They work with a type of hydraulic spring called an actuator, which is like what you find to support the trunks of many cars. Another option are doors that work with tracks to open horizontally; these doors are like conventional garage doors that open sideways instead of top to bottom. Doors that open vertically will reduce the risk of the garage door being closed accidentally.

3. Custom Wood Garage Doors Mounted On Hinges

Custom wood garage doors are another great option for garage doors that have a more traditional look. These doors can be made in custom sections and have features like trim, windows and hardware that match the design of your home. Mounting them on hinges will give you a simple garage door that works like any of the other doors in your home. There are even woodworking services that can make these doors for you to look like they were built during the same era as your home.

4. Wood Doors And Windows

Wood doors can also be made with windows and stained wood that matches other stain woodwork on the exterior of your home. If you have a home with cedar or other raw wood features, this can be a great addition to match existing wood features. You can also have it made from oak and other durable wood species for a more durable garage door solution. If you want a door that is a little more conventional, a custom wood door can match woodwork on your home and give you a modern garage door.

These are four things you can have done to get a garage door for your home with more of an historic look. If you need help with the installation of a new garage door for your home, or with repairs to make it blend in with the design of your home, contact a professional garage door contractor, like Spring King Garage Door Repair, to get the help you need.