If you want to build a new garage but do not want it to look unsightly in your yard, below are 4 changes you can make so it looks more appealing. You can then have the extra space you need, and give your home aesthetic appeal.

Hide the Door

You can add a garage to your home that is completely hidden to outsiders. The door to your attached garage can be built to match your home so when it is closed, people will not see a garage door, as it blends in with your house. These doors can be built with windows, siding, stucco, or anything else to make it mimic your home.

Carriage House Doors

With carriage house garage doors, the doors look like they can swing out, but they still open and close like a normal garage door. These doors look like a stable door to a barn. You can add decorative hardware and large windows to make the door even more appealing.

Landscape and Paint

If your garage door has paint peeling off it, a coat of paint can make a huge difference. Choose a different color to make a bigger change, but make sure it goes well with the color of your house. Once you finish painting the door, add some plants and colorful flowers along your driveway up to the garage door on only one side. This gives you one side of the driveway free to have more space.

Glass Garage Doors

If the inside of your garage is nice and clean, consider putting in glass garage doors to turn your garage into a window. The glass is paned in sections to give it more appeal, and it also lets in much more light than standard windows. This not only lets you enjoy looking outside, but you can see who is coming up your driveway. Or you can opt for frosted glass for more privacy.

Garage Door Canopy

Add a trellis over your garage door, which is also known as a pergola, to give it more visual impact. You can build one yourself, or purchase one and have it installed. This not only looks nice, but also gives you a little protection from the rain when standing outside your garage.

Contact a garage door contractor, like Shank Door, and have them come to your home. They can talk to you about the options you have for your home and budget.