If you are looking to remodel or rebuild your garage, chances are that you are trying to decide what kind of garage door you want and/or need. Middle class families with two wage-earners in the house often have two cars, but will your garage house them both? What if you have extra recreational vehicles that you want to store in your garage? Well, that is when you begin to look at the width of garage doors to see what you need and how you plan to build your garage around them.

Single Doors

If you go with single wide doors, you will need at least two if you plan to park both of your cars in the garage. You could also create a double garage, two separate garage stalls in one building. Collectors of antique or rare cars often choose to build a garage this way so that they do not have to find off-site self-storage space for their collectible vehicles. If you also plan on storing a boat, snowmobile, jet skis or other recreational vehicles, then you may want to put three stalls and/or three single doors in your garage.

Double-Wide Doors

Most homeowners prefer a double-wide garage door. It makes it easier to store two cars in the same space because they don't need two separate garage door openers and a double-wide garage has a little extra room all around for the storage of bicycles and lawn equipment or tools. The only drawback is that you will not have any room for any recreational vehicles unless you do not plan to store them in a garage or you plan to park a car outside all year long.

Triple-Wide Doors

These massive garage doors really do exist, but you will need a commercial garage door opener or two garage door openers working together to open this type of door. Additionally, your garage will have to be a custom construction job, one which some contractors may charge extra to build. Still, it does allow you more than enough room to store two cars and a boat or whatever other vehicles you have for fun. If you want to get a really good idea of how wide these doors are, measure a mid-sized sedan from front to back and double that length. Then you will know if this type of garage door is too much for your needs or just right.

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