Just as home that's properly insulated can prevent the interior heat from escaping, insulating your garage door can help you increase the energy efficiency of your home. While some high-end garage doors offer a significant degree of insulation, it's possible to have a standard door insulated. This project consists of strapping large, plastic-covered sheets of insulation to the inside of the door. Although your door will become bulkier, the insulation won't impact its movement and -- provided the insulation is properly wrapped -- won't release insulation fibers into the garage. Here are three things to know if you're considering garage door insulation. 

It's Beneficial Throughout The Year

While many people think of insulated garage doors as simply being worthwhile during the winter months, the reality is that adding insulation to the door will benefit your home throughout the entire year. During the winter, the insulation will prevent the cold outside air from entering your garage and, in turn, finding its way into your home. Then, in the summer, the insulation will help prevent the hot air from flowing into the garage. Regardless of the season, the insulation will keep the undesired air outside your garage, which will prevent it from entering your home every time you open the door to the garage.

It Cuts Down On Noise

Whether you spend time working in your garage or your living room is nearby, you might notice excessive noise coming from passing motorists on the street or even kids playing in a nearby yard. An insulated garage door is an effective way to block this noise. The layers of insulation form a noise-resistant barrier that provides an effective solution for helping your home stay quieter. This is especially desirable if you live on a street with a significant amount of traffic.

You Can Do The Work Yourself

While it's always ideal to hire a garage door service to install the insulation for you, you can also consider doing the work yourself if you're comfortable with basic projects around the home. Many home improvement stores sell insulation kits that include the plastic-wrapped insulation, the retaining straps and even the hardware to mount everything in place. All you have to do is cut the insulation to the correct size, stretch the retaining straps into place horizontally across the door and use screws and a screwdriver to hold the straps in place. Some duct tape will help to secure any loose edges and, provided you match the tape's color to the color of the plastic wrap, the job will be neat and tidy.