Are you debating on whether you should replace your malfunctioning garage door or invest in multiple repairs? Although damaged garage door parts can usually be replaced, it might be time for you to get rid of the door altogether. Below, learn a few helpful things that can help you decide if it is time to get a new garage door or not.

The Garage Door Moves in an Erratic Manner

If your garage door sometimes open and close in a smooth manner, but suddenly begins to jerk at other times, you might have a serious problem. For instance, the torsion springs might be damaged and causing the door to function in such an erratic manner. Damaged torsion springs are a serious problem because they can snap loose when you least expect it to happen, which might result in a bad injury if anyone is standing near them when it happens.

Basically, the torsion springs keep the garage door moving smoothly and supports the weight of it. The torsion springs can be replaced, but it might be a good idea to get a new door if there are other serious problems as well.

Loud Noises Come from the Garage Door

You might need a new garage door if it begins making loud noises due to the door having dents. The dents are likely preventing smooth movement of the door up and down the tracks. It is also possible that the tracks are damaged along with the door having dents.

Garage door tracks can be replaced, but it won't fix the noise problem if the dented garage door is not replaced as well. The need to replace a dented garage door depends on the severity of the problem, such as how large the dents are and where they are located.

Getting a New Garage Door Installed

There are many options for you when it comes to replacing your garage door. You should be able to find a door that is within a reasonable budget, depending on what you want. For instance, you can get a brand new garage door that is made out of a soft wood or aluminum for as little as $400 and up. A sturdier door that is made of steel is estimated at $750 and up. The size of door that you need will also play a role in the overall price. Get your new garage door installed as soon as you are able to! Click here for more information on garage door repair.