Your garage door often doesn't require much in the way of regular maintenance, but when it suffers a problem of any type, it's best to involve a professional to get the door working properly again. Garage door contractors are acutely aware of the safety risks of working with a door and know how to get the job done correctly without complicating it or leading to an injury. The average person doesn't have these skills and, as a result, could become gravely injured simply by approaching the repair job in the wrong way. Here are three garage door issues that you might experience and why they call for the help of a contractor.

Broken Door Spring

The heavy spring located above the inside of the door is responsible for helping you open and close the door with ease, given the door's heavy weight. When it breaks, you'll no longer be able to use the door. The concern with this spring is the high degree of tension that it's under. Removing a broken spring can be dangerous in case some tension remains, but mounting the replacement spring in place requires setting the tension -- which can be extremely hazardous to someone who doesn't know what he or she is doing. Upon seeing that your spring is broken or actually hearing it break, stay away from the door until your contractor can fix the issue.

Rollers Off Their Tracks

It's possible for some of the garage door rollers to slide off their tracks. This can be a significant problem because there's a risk that the door could collapse to the floor. Given that garage doors often weigh between 100 and 200 pounds, you'd be likely to suffer a serious injury if the door fell onto you. Your garage door repair contractor will use specific tools to secure the door while he or she lifts it back onto the tracks. The contractor can then assess the reason for the problem and fix it -- it could simply be a matter of tightening loose hardware.

Fraying Door Cables

Through repeated use, the cables that help raise and lower your garage door can become worn to the point of fraying. When you spot this problem, it's best to avoid using the door until your contractor can arrive. Frayed cables can still help hold the door, but if a cable snaps, the repair job instantly becomes more complicated. Your repair person will be able to carefully replace the cables so that they're no longer a problem.

If you notice any of these issues or have further questions, contact a local garage repair company like Garage Doors Of Naples Inc