Your garage doors are a part of your home's overall appearance, and they can either blend in with the rest of your garage or make your property really stand out in positive ways. Here are 3 creative garage door ideas that you can use for new garage door replacement to give the exterior of your home the upgrade it needs.

Arch appeal

If your home doesn't have a lot of texture (large windows, enclosed porch, etc), then it can look like a square box with little personality from the outside. You can help remedy this by installing garage doors with an arched or domed top. This curved garage door style helps break up the straight lines of your home while adding a contemporary flair to your garage. To really make the arch in your garage doors stand out, paint your doors a very contrasting hue to the rest of your garage and home, such as deep red, rich brown, or even black.

Streamline appeal

If your home has a contemporary look with straight, architectural lines and you want garage doors to match, opt for glass garage doors with horizontal panels in them. The clean cut of the doors mixed with the glass material helps to give your garage doors a modern appeal that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you want to jazz up your doors, opt for framing in bright hues, such as green, black, or white.

Vintage appeal 

Homes that have a cottage or Victorian appeal may seem out of place with a modern garage door installed in them. You can remedy this by installing old-fashioned carriage doors for your garage door replacement project instead of traditional doors. While these open like traditional doors do rather than raising up like a garage door, you can have equipment installed to allow the doors to open automatically for your convenience. Opt for an arched style in your doors to give them an elegant look, or a classic rectangular design for a traditional appeal.

If you are replacing your home's garage doors and you want to think outside the box, look at the exterior of your home for inspiration. Your home's basic or even extreme appearance can appear more fluid with the right garage doors complementing your style. If you are having trouble choosing a style of garage door based on your budget or home's design, a garage door installation expert or a home decorator can help you make the right decision for your needs. Contact a company like A AAA Allstate Door Company for more info.