While your garage door requires very little in the way of maintenance, it does require some. If you don't provide it with the minimum amount of routine maintenance, then it can end up causing problems for you down the line. If you want to learn more about some of the types of problems maintenance can help you to avoid, then read below: 

Prevent damages to your garage 

By making sure proper maintenance is done to your garage door, you can prevent a lot of damages that could happen. If you end up with a damaged garage door, then you need to have it fixed as soon as possible. Leaving the garage door damaged and continuing to use it will only make things worse. Also, depending on the type of damage that happens to the door, it could lead to dangerous accidents. Some of the maintenance that can prevent issues down the line include keeping the tracks clean, keeping parts oiled properly, and having a garage door technician come out to service the door once a year. In fact, if you have them come out annually like you should, then they will take care of oiling the parts for you. 

Prevent damage to your car and other items

When you make sure your garage door is properly serviced and maintained, you will be decreasing the chances of the door breaking in a way that could end up damaging your car.  It could also damage anything else you have in the garage which may be in the way when it breaks. Keep in mind it could even cause some damage to your home. When a garage door goes awry, all of its weight can lead to an extensive amount of damage that can include parts of your home. 

Prevent security issues

If you don't keep up on grage door maintenance like it should be, then it can become unreliable and it becomes a security risk. Garages are hot targets for thieves anyway, so you always want to make sure that your garage door is in the best condition possible  This way you can decrease the chances of your garage being broken into and your possessions burglarized. There are several ways someone can get into your garage when the door isn't 100%. Someone could also get in through a window if one is loose or missing. If it isn't opening and shutting properly, they can easily pull it open.