As you get the rest of your home ready for the intense summer weather don't forget your garage door. You should enlist a garage door specialist to inspect, maintain and carry out any necessary repairs so that your home garage door will be functional during summer.  

Here are three ultimate tips to get your garage door ready for summer. 

Clean Your Garage Door 

A garage is often home to your car, yard supplies, and other unused possessions. These things catch dirt, dust, and grease over time, which makes your garage quite a dirty part of your house. The garage door exterior can also get quite filthy due to round-the-clock exposure to elements.

You should give your garage door's exterior and interior a thorough wash to get rid of the dirt. After the door dries, apply car wax on both surfaces of the garage door to prevent dust accumulation. If you have a wooden garage door, apply a fresh coat of paint and water sealant to prevent rot on the wood. For steel garage doors, sand down rust and then paint the door with a zinc primer.

Check for Weather Stripping

With time, the weatherstripping tends to wear out. Before summer sets in, ensure that you inspect the weatherstripping to ensure it's up to the task. To inspect the weatherstripping, close your garage door, switch off the lights, then look for any light beneath the door.

If you spot any gaps, that's a sure sign that cool air can escape from the garage, which can spike up your summer utility bills. You should seal the gaps, not only to improve your home's energy efficiency but to also prevent water from seeping into your garage.

Weatherstripping also ensures a tight seal between the floor and your garage door, so pests like cockroaches or spiders can't enter your home through the garage.  

Repair or Replace the Garage Door

A thorough professional inspection of your garage door will reveal the parts that need repair. If there are frayed cables, you should have them replaced. An expert will also check whether the rails, ball bearings, hinges, and door supports are in their best shape. They can also lubricate the hinges, rollers, tracks, and moving parts with an appropriate garage door oil. 

All bolts that hold the garage door together should also be tight enough to prevent the door from falling. If you notice rust on the springs, you might need to replace them right away. If, however, your garage door has seen better days and repairs have become too many, a new garage door should be in your cards.