The garage door is used several times each day, a process that takes a toll on the tracks and rollers. Sometimes, the channels can bend, making it hard to close or open the door. This problem creates safety risks since intruders can use the garage area as an entry point into the residence. So, it's always vital to call in the garage door repair experts immediately after you notice the bent track. 

What Causes Door Tracks to Bend?

Tracks are usually mounted on the garage door sides, making it easy to slide the door open or shut. While these tracks are made of metal, they can get damaged due to various reasons. Some of the common culprits include the following:

Constant Use

The tracks will wear out as you use the door daily. This can cause bends, making it difficult to close or open the door.

Unevenly Distributed Weight

Generally, garage doors are heavy. If the door isn't balanced, it will put more weight on one side, making it easy for the track (on that side) to bend due to the excess weight it is handling at a time.

Environmental Elements

Since tracks are made of metal, elements like dirt, precipitation, and cold weather can cause rust formation. Once the metal rusts, there will be friction once you operate the door. This can cause the tracks to shift or bend.


As mentioned above, friction can cause the garage door tracks to bend. As such, you should lubricate the tracks regularly to prevent rubbing and constant wear that increases the bending risk.

Damaged Opener

If the door opener is worn out, it can cause the door not to function correctly. This pulls the door to a particular side, an operation that damages the tracks.


When an item gets stuck on the tracks, it will prevent the rollers from moving. If excessive force is used to open or shut the door, tension will be created. This tension results in track misalignment.

What to Do

The most suitable way to deal with bent garage door tracks is to seek garage door repair services. Flattening out those door rails alone isn't as easy as it may seem, even if you have the right tools and enthusiasm. But when you get a professional, the problem will be fixed immediately.

Remember, misaligned or bent tracks aren't the only problem you'll face if repairs aren't done by a professional. This problem can result in more extensive repairs when other door components get damaged, which are costly. 

Contact a local garage door service to learn more.