Your garage door springs help to hold the heavy weight of the garage door. As your tension springs become loose, they will begin to show signs that they are no longer working properly. It is important that you do not touch your garage door springs. These springs are made out of tightly coiled metal and can snap if they are adjusted too tight. Once a garage door spring snaps, it expands out fast, potentially causing you harm. Only a garage door spring repair company should be handling the springs, as it is dangerous for you to do it yourself when you don't know what you are doing.

What Your Garage Door Springs Do 

Garage door tension springs are in place to help ease the strain on your opener when the door opens and closes. The garage door is heavy, and the springs are tightly wound to help hold this weight as the door moves. If your garage door is open, the tension springs help to hold it in place. The springs help to prolong the life of your opener, as it doesn't have to work as hard to open your garage door.

Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Adjustment

If you hear a straining noise when your garage door is opening, part of the problem could be your garage door springs. Open your garage door all the way. If the door closes more than a few inches while in the open position, it's time to contact a garage door spring repair company. When you don't get your garage door springs serviced,  you run the risk of the springs failing completely. A slowly moving garage door is another indication that your springs need to be adjusted.

When Your Garage Door Springs Fail

As your garage door springs get older, they are going to lose elasticity. A complete failure would occur if the garage door spring snaps, and your garage door slams to the ground. If you are anywhere near the spring when it snaps, you can get severely injured. If your garage door won't open, yet the opener is running, it is likely the heavy weight of the door preventing the door from opening.

Ask for professional help if you suspect a problem with your tension springs. These are dangerous to adjust yourself and can cause injury if they snap out of nowhere and allow the door to slam shut.

Contact a garage door spring repair company to learn more.