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4 Ways To Make Your Garage More Appealing

Posted by on Apr 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you want to build a new garage but do not want it to look unsightly in your yard, below are 4 changes you can make so it looks more appealing. You can then have the extra space you need, and give your home aesthetic appeal. Hide the Door You can add a garage to your home that is completely hidden to outsiders. The door to your attached garage can be built to match your home so when it is closed, people will not see a garage door, as it blends in with your house. These doors can be built with windows, siding, stucco, or anything else to make it mimic your home. Carriage House Doors With carriage house garage doors, the doors look like they can swing out, but they still open and close like a normal garage door. These doors look like a stable door to a barn. You can add decorative hardware and large windows to make the door even more appealing. Landscape and Paint If your garage door has paint peeling off it, a coat of paint can make a huge difference. Choose a different color to make a bigger change, but make sure it goes well with the color of your house. Once you finish painting the door, add some plants and colorful flowers along your driveway up to the garage door on only one side. This gives you one side of the driveway free to have more space. Glass Garage Doors If the inside of your garage is nice and clean, consider putting in glass garage doors to turn your garage into a window. The glass is paned in sections to give it more appeal, and it also lets in much more light than standard windows. This not only lets you enjoy looking outside, but you can see who is coming up your driveway. Or you can opt for frosted glass for more privacy. Garage Door Canopy Add a trellis over your garage door, which is also known as a pergola, to give it more visual impact. You can build one yourself, or purchase one and have it installed. This not only looks nice, but also gives you a little protection from the rain when standing outside your garage. Contact a garage door contractor, like Shank Door, and have them come to your home. They can talk to you about the options you have for your home and...

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Safety Features To Look For In A New Commercial Garage Door

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If you’re looking to have new garage doors installed in your commercial building, then the safety of your employees should certainly be your primary concern. These days, there are a number of impressive safety features available on commercial garage doors that can reduce the chances of an incident on your property. By finding doors with some or all of these features, you can keep your workers safe while saving on potential expenses related to employee injuries. Tempered Glass If your new garage doors will have windows to give your workers a better view outside each door, then you’ll probably want to look for commercial doors that come with the option of tempered glass. This way, in the event that the glass is broken, it will break away in small, round pieces rather than in jagged edges. As a result, chances of injury due to glass shard wounds will be drastically reduced, as will damage to equipment (such as forklift tires, which can easily be punctured by traditional annealed glass). Break-Away Sections Another option to look for in your new commercial garage doors is that of break-away door sections. This is an especially smart idea for businesses where forklifts and other machinery are constantly entering and exiting the garage. This way, in the event that a piece of machinery comes into contact with a raised commercial garage door, the break-away section will simply pop off rather than becoming crushed or damaged. This can save you and your business a lot of money on repairs down the road, as the break-away pieces can easily be re-attached. Sensing Edges Finally, because commercial garage doors can be quite heavy, it’s imperative that you select doors that come with built-in sensing edges, which can halt the raising or lowering of a garage door if somebody or something steps underneath it. This is done through the use of sensor systems, which can be installed on either side of the garage door and can be either pneumatic or electric with a battery back-up. Sensing edges can give you greater peace of mind when it comes to protecting your workers and your equipment. As you can see, there’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to selecting a new commercial garage door for your property–especially when it comes to safety. Be sure to look for these features and more as you shop around for your new garage...

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Have An Automatic Garage Door? Here Are 3 Issues To Look Out For

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If you have an automatic garage door, you expect it to operate properly each time you push the button on your remote control. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, especially if it’s in need of servicing. It’s a good idea to have your garage door professionally serviced at least once a year. Proper maintenance can help ensure that your garage door doesn’t malfunction. In addition to the professional care, there are some things you can do to keep your garage door operating smoothly. Here’s a list of some minor issues you can take care of. Garage Door Doesn’t Close All The Way If your garage door refuses to close all the way, there may be a problem with the sensors. This is especially true if the door closes to a certain point and then reverses itself. Take a look at the sensors that are located on the tracks about 6″ off the ground. Both sensors must be aligned or the door will not close properly. Carefully move one sensor until the beam is directed at the opposite sensor. Continue adjusting the sensors until your door closes properly. Garage Door Slips on the Tracks If you notice that the door slips as it’s moving along the tracks, you may have a buildup of dirt and debris on the tracks. Fill a bucket with warm water and add a cup of laundry detergent. Use a sponge or rag to wash the tracks. This will remove any dirt that is preventing your door from running smoothly along the tracks. It’s a good idea to wash the tracks at least once every six months to keep them clean. Garage Door Often Jams If your garage door appears to be getting stuck at the same place each time, there may be a problem with the tracks. Inspect the tracks for signs of damage. Pay particular attention to the joints. You may have loose or missing bolts that will need to be replaced. If you find areas that are bent or damaged, you should contact your repair technician. Those areas may need to be replaced. Once you’ve tightened the bolts and repaired the damage, test your door to ensure that it’s operating properly. To keep your garage door operating smoothly, be sure to have it professionally serviced at least once a year. In addition, you should watch out for the problems that are listed above. Taking care of simple maintenance issues can help keep your garage door opening and closing the way that it should. For more information,...

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Four Ways You Can Give The Garage Door In Your Home A Historic Look

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If you have a home in a historic area, you may want to stick with the architectural designs of your neighborhood. Some historic homes may have not originally had a garage, but this is something that you may want for a modern home. It can also be difficult to get a door that matches the design of your home, but there are some things you can do, like having a door custom made, using stained wood materials and adding details that match other nearby homes. If you want your garage door to have more of an historic look, here are four things that you can do: 1. False Hardware And Design For A Historic Appearance One way you can get an historic look for your garage door is by installing false hardware on it. This can be things like door handles, hinges and decorative iron pieces. These things can make your garage door appear to be an older style, but still function like a modern garage door with a modern garage door opener. You can also have extra windows added to the panels to make it have more of an historical look with more windows. 2. Swinging Garage Door With Actuating Opening System There are also garage doors that can be installed with horizontal openers, which will allow them to have more of a traditional swinging door design. They work with a type of hydraulic spring called an actuator, which is like what you find to support the trunks of many cars. Another option are doors that work with tracks to open horizontally; these doors are like conventional garage doors that open sideways instead of top to bottom. Doors that open vertically will reduce the risk of the garage door being closed accidentally. 3. Custom Wood Garage Doors Mounted On Hinges Custom wood garage doors are another great option for garage doors that have a more traditional look. These doors can be made in custom sections and have features like trim, windows and hardware that match the design of your home. Mounting them on hinges will give you a simple garage door that works like any of the other doors in your home. There are even woodworking services that can make these doors for you to look like they were built during the same era as your home. 4. Wood Doors And Windows Wood doors can also be made with windows and stained wood that matches other stain woodwork on the exterior of your home. If you have a home with cedar or other raw wood features, this can be a great addition to match existing wood features. You can also have it made from oak and other durable wood species for a more durable garage door solution. If you want a door that is a little more conventional, a custom wood door can match woodwork on your home and give you a modern garage door. These are four things you can have done to get a garage door for your home with more of an historic look. If you need help with the installation of a new garage door for your home, or with repairs to make it blend in with the design of your home, contact a professional garage door contractor, like Spring King Garage Door Repair, to...

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Starting Your Own Franchise: Exploring The Benefits

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Are you looking to start your own business and have considered taking advantage of a franchise opportunity? If so, you should know that there are many benefits that come along when you start your own franchise versus when you establish a brand new business plan. Taking the time to learn more about these benefits outlined below can help you to ultimately determine whether or not a franchise opportunity is the right business opportunity for you. Benefit #1: You Are Provided With A Proven Business Plan When starting your own company, you are faced with the risk that the public may not respond to your business ideas the way you hoped. If this happens, your dreams of owning your own business can quickly turn into a nightmare as you are unable to recoup the large investment you made to get your business up and running. While this risk is never completely eliminated, it is greatly reduced when choosing to start a franchise. This is because a franchise opportunity will allow you to take advantage of a proven business plan that community has already accepted as beneficial. Furthermore, if you should run into problems executing the preexisting business plan, you can be sure that your franchisors will be there to help you rather than facing these problems on your own. Benefit #2: Immediate Brand Recognition Starting a franchise will give you the right to sell products and services that bear the the trademark of a well known company. This trademark will provide you with instant brand recognition by potential customers. When starting your own business from the ground up, it can take many years to build up this type of brand recognition. Thanks to the existing reputation that goes along with a nationally recognized trademark, you will find that it is much easier to attract the attention of potential customers. This is because rather than viewing your business as a new business, they will simply view you as a new and potentially more convenient location for them to get a product or service that they already trust. Benefit #3: Take Advantage Of Group Advertising Effective advertising can be a struggle for many small business owners due to the limited funds they have available for marketing. This is not a problem for people who choose to start their own franchise because rather than being responsible for their own advertising efforts, these individuals will be able to take advantage of group advertising. Rather than advertising a particular location, franchisors are able to simply advertise the products and services that their franchisees have to offer. What this means for you is that you will be able to take advantage of large scale marketing efforts that would otherwise be out of your price...

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How To Repair Damage To A Fiberglass Garage Door

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Fiberglass garage doors have the advantage of being both light and strong. They also have a fairly easy to maintain surface that only requires the occasional cleaning. However, the door can be damaged if you accidentally bump into it with your car. Depending on how extensive the damage is, it might be possible to repair it with a little work. When you’re dealing with a big crack, it’s probably best to simply replace the panel with a new one provided by the manufacturer. But for small cracks, you can use the following steps to repair the surface of the fiberglass. What You Will Need Water Soap Towel Work Gloves Sponge 200 Grit Sandpaper 300 Grit Sandpaper Razor Blade Kit for Repairing Fiberglass (Should Include Resin, Hardener, Scraper and Sheets of Fiberglass) Paintbrush Primer Matching Paint Step 1. Use a sponge and hot soapy water to thoroughly clean the damaged area of any dirt or grease. Then use a clean towel to completely dry the surface. Step 2. Use 300 grit sandpaper to sand down any damage along the crack, such as raised edges or burrs. Any larger burrs can be cut off by carefully using a razor blade. Put on a pair of protective work gloves before you do this. You want to get the crack as smooth as possible. Step 3. If the damage has resulted in an actual hole in the fiberglass, use the sandpaper to bevel the hole’s edge. If there are any loose shards, cut them away with the razor blade. Step 4. Take measurements of the damaged area and cut out fiberglass sheets to fit over the damage. This won’t be necessary with small cracks, but larger holes or gaps that are bigger than 1 inch across will need the fiberglass sheets. Step 5. For large holes or gaps, follow the instructions of the manufacturer and mix together the resin and hardener that came in the repair kit. Apply this mixture to the fiberglass sheets you cut out and layer the sheets over the damaged area. Wait 24 hours for the resin to completely harden. For smaller cracks, you can simply apply the resin directly to the crack. Smooth it out and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Step 6. Use 200 grit sandpaper to sand the repair you made so it is smooth and even with the rest of the door. Use a clean towel to wipe away any dust. Step 7. With a paintbrush, apply a coating of a fiberglass primer to the repaired area. Once this has dried, apply a paint color matching the current color of your garage door. Talk to a professional like Upstate Garage for more...

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How To Replace A Broken Window In Your Garage Door

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If you have a window in your garage door break, you want to repair it right away. When you own your garage door, the glass left in the frame can fall out, posing a safety risk. Also, leaving the window unfixed can make it easier for someone to break into your garage. To replace a broken window in your garage door safely, you’ll want to follow the steps provided below: Collect the necessary equipment: Work gloves Phillips screwdriver Flathead screwdriver Wastebasket Rubber mallet Piece of pre-cut replacement glass Instructions for replacing the window: You want to begin by turning off the power to the garage door opener and putting on your work gloves. Carefully remove all the broken shards of glass from the window frame and place them into the wastebasket. If the window frame is screwed into the garage door, you want to remove all the screws and set them aside. Pull the retainers out and remove the frame from the garage door if you feel there are any hard-to-get pieces of glass left in the frame. Use the flathead screwdriver to make sure you get any leftover broken pieces of glass out. Put the frame back in the garage door and position the frame against the garage door properly. Put the replacement glass in the frame (this is much easier if you have someone to help you) and put the retainers back in place. You want to put the retainers back starting with the ones on the sides and then with the ones on the top and bottom. Tap the retainers lightly with the rubber mallet to make sure they are securely against the glass. Check the outside and the inside of the garage door to make sure nothing looks off. You want to lightly push on the glass and make sure you have the retainers against it securely enough. If not, use the rubber mallet again to correct the issue. Once you fix your garage window, you can rest knowing that you don’t have to worry about such things as rain, snow, birds and other animals and the possibility of a burglar making use of the broken window to rob you. If you find you have a lot of problems with the windows in your garage breaking, you may want to consider replacing them with plexiglass. Plexiglass looks like glass but it won’t break the way glass does. However, it is harder to clean and swill scratch easily. Contact a company like Unifour Door Systems LLC for more...

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Taking Care Of The Hinges On A Garage Door

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Each component of a garage door must work together in order for the door to work like it should. A problem with one component of a garage door can lead to problems with other components of the door. For example, a problem with the hinges could put stress on the rails and motor of the garage door. Added stress can lead to premature failure. Thus, if you want your garage door to last for as long as it should, you need to properly maintain your hinges.  How Hinges Get Damaged The moving parts of a garage door should be protected with a lubricant. Hinges will come from the factory with lubricant inside of them. Hinges are not a closed system, so lubricant can leak out of them and water can get inside and undermine the integrity of the lubricant. As your lubricant wears away, nothing is left to prevent friction.  Once friction starts, it will wear down the hinges until they completely fail.  How to Detect Problems with Your Hinges If you can hear your garage store squeaking as you open and close it, then there is a good chance that you have a problem with your hinges. Panels that  jerk instead of open smoothly are a second sign of hinge problems Maintenance for Hinges When you detect that your hinges are not working like they should, you need to lubricate them. Simply pouring drops of oil on the outside might not be enough to get the oil down into the hinges. In order to get the oil down into the inner workings of a hinge, you need to use a penetrating oil. Such an oil will typically come in a spray can. To lubricate your hinges, you need to spray them and then open and close your garage door a few times to allow the oil to work. You might have to apply the oil a couple of times before the squeaking in your door stops, which is a good indication that oil has made its way down into the inner workings of the hinges.  It is easy to take a garage door for granted. Many people do not even notice that their garage door has started to squeak. Homeowners who pay attention to how their garage door operates can detect hinge problems before they get out of hand. It is a lot cheaper to lubricate hinges instead of paying to have them repaired once they have already failed. For more information, talk to a company like AAA Garage Door,...

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3 Important Facts About Seamless Gutters

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If you are a home-owner who wants to spend less time maintaining the gutters on your home, seamless gutters are an ideal solution. Because they are composed of a single piece of aluminum, there is no risk of backup as there is with less sophisticated gutters. In addition, it is helpful to note that due to their unique construction, seamless gutters require less cleaning. Seamless Gutters Have Almost Invisible Seams Despite their name, seamless gutters do have seams. However, because they are composed from one piece of aluminum, the seams are often hard to see at first glance. Instead, their design allows them to be created in accordance with the specifications of individual homes. When they are attached to the home, they can be put up in a way that allows the barely visible seams to be on the back of each gutter. This is helpful because when the gutter is attached near the seam, that seam often becomes the weakest spot. In turn, that construction can further contribute to the lifespan and usability of your new gutters. Mold And Other Water Damage Can Often Be Traced Back To Your Gutters In theory, most homeowners can be expected to remember that gutters are used to divert water and snow away from the home and property. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget about them when they are not causing any obvious problems and it can seem as if next month is always the best time to clean or replace them. If cleaning or replacing your gutters is put off for too long, they can become damaged enough that they no longer function safely. That can allow the water to enter the basement, walls and windows of your home, which sets the stage for a mold infestation and obvious water spots. In that instance, the cost of maintaining or replacing the gutters and the inconvenience associated with the work, is nothing when compared to removing mold from the home.  Your Downspouts Are As Important As The Actual Gutter Even if you have the best possible seamless gutters, you are still prone to problems with them if the downspouts are not an appropriate size. For instance, if you live in an area with a lot of rain or you have many trees that shed their leaves onto your roof each year, you should consider checking the downspouts more often. In addition, you will also note that using a permanently attached downspout is useful if your gutters are frequently used. As part of that, you can even choose a more complicated gutter system to aim the water run-off farther from your home to prevent standing water and mud. In conclusion, seamless gutters are one of the newer ways to protect your home from the risks that rain and season changes provide. As an affordable and easy-to-use option, they are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in many parts of the world. Install them with trusted contractors, such as Long Grove Overhead...

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